• Written by Paul Karner
  • Recorded by Brian Sulpizio at Jamdek
  • Mixed by Brian Sulpizio
  • Mastered by Michael Noyce


  • Becca Shorr - vocals
  • Stuart Seale - piano
  • Kimberly Sutton - Cello
  • Dani Simandl - violin
  • Chihsuan Yang - violin
  • Brian Sulpizio - drums
  • Paul Karner - vocals, piano

2013’s Man in the Mira was the first ep recorded as PK Flyer. The songs were written atop the audio output from a musical iphone game called Musyc. I was interested in seeing the musical material removed from the “found sounds” that governed the song structure, and arranged them for string quartet. I wanted to confirm that the music stood on it’s own and I was glad to see that it did. I think of it as the final step in the process - as opposed to a remix.

- PK