About PK Flyer

PK Flyer is the solo musical output of Paul Karner.

The focus of this project has been the process a way to flip the songwriting on its head. Each work is built on the foundation of some sort of found sound. The musical frameworks have been culled from free improvisations, samples of lps played at 1/2 speed, or sound output from a $5 iphone game. With the structure pre-determined, the songwriting more resembles mining than building. The aim is to create finished works that are tied together with consistent musical and lyrical themes. Pulling in whatever ensembles seem to fit the tone (woodwinds, voices, string quartets, etc), It’s a clumsy process that seems periodically ill-conceived even through the initial mixing stages. There’s a satisfaction I’ve found in this process that is uniquely invigorating.

- PK